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Benjamin -  Age 7
Ben was found curled up on a cold concrete floor at the County Pound.  His intake sheet said he needed medical attention.  With the help of AZ. Pug Rescue, we got him out and right to the doctors.  His bloodwork was off the charts, he was very lethargic and he wouldn't eat.  We tried so many things and he spent a week in the hospital.  Just when we thought it was time to say good bye to him, he sprung up and got a rush of energy - barking at me as if to tell me he wasn't going anywhere.  It has been uphill from that moment - he began to eat and get a little spring in his step.  Today, he is doing great although we still have a long way to go with him.  We get his bloodwork done every month and it's beginning to get in the normal range.  He is on daily medications, which is a combination of 2 antibiotics, thyroid and steroids.  He is doing great and beginning to gain weight - he is up to 15 lbs.!!!!  Can't tell you how much joy it brings us to see the transformation of this little guy.  We will continue to monitor him for the rest of his life and make sure he is always happy and healthy.

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