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Caroline - 15 years
Caroline is a beautiful yellow lab, who in her younger days, trained to be a service dog.  Because of her loving personality she did not pass the test and ended up being a wonderful companion.  Her human mom passed away and Caroline was taken in by a family member.  The family was moving to a small town, which was about 2 hours from Mexico City and were told that Caroline would need to be quarantine for 40 days.  They realized that this would be extremely stressful for her and she probably wouldn't make it.  I received an email from another rescue asking is I could help.  I contacted Caroline's new owner and the rest is history.  She had a stressful trip to Phoenix from San Diego but has done very well since she got here.  She is enjoying laying on the back patio, exploring the grounds and trying to figure out the sheep.  She's getting very comfortable with coming inside on her own after only a few days.  She is a wonderful dog and is in great health for her age.  We are so glad to be able to take her in.

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