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Scooter - 13 years old

This wonder boy came to us through a family that saved him from being taken to County Pound.  Once here at the Sanctuary, we put him on a regular meal routine and with several walks a day, has already lost 15 lbs.  It's amazing what a little love and attention will do. His owner didn't care for him very well and would end up leaving him with friends for weeks at a time.  He didn't receive proper nutrition or have regular exercise - he became an outside boy. His owner decided she couldn't care for him an ymore so family members reached out to the canine community for help.  Scooter came over to meet everyone and the rest is history.  He is on his way to being a little trimmer by getting regular meals and daily exercise.  He is too overweight to run yet, but we are working on that.  He needs to drop 35 lbs - can he do it?  YES HE CAN.

Jan 30th - Scooter is working very hard and it's really worth it.  He has lost about 15 lbs. and can hop (not run yet), can lift his leg to urinate and can fit through the doggie door - THAT IS BIG STUFF!!!!! 

May- Scooter has lost 20 lbs. and has just undergone a stem cell procedure for the arthritis in his front legs.  It will take another 30 days for us to see the full results but we are hoping for a favorable outcome.  Will keep everyone posted on his progress.