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Lewis - 13 years old

Welcome Lewis to our senior family.  This big boy has had some rough years, but now - he has no more worries.  A few years ago his family moved and left him behind to care for himself.  He sat in front of the apartment door day after day, month after month, but they never came back.  He was forced to roam the apartment complex looking for food.  He quickly became fearful of humans when someone hurt him so badly that he lost his left eye.  Once here, his rehabilitation started and now he is becoming very trusting, loves his chin rubs and even demands a kiss on his head at night before bedtime.  He came to us in October and it just goes to show you how a little love and attention can turn an animal around. His vet appointment was great and all bloodwork came back negative for everything. He is adoptable so if you have love in your heart and want to give him the best forever home, give us a call!!!