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Gumby - 7 years old

Gumby is now 7 years old and was deemed unadoptable by Sun Valley Animal Shelter because of birth defects in his legs. Defects of front and back legs on his right side force him to hop on his 2 left legs.  One leg that is about 2" longer than all his other legs. He was adopted out once but his new owners brought him back because they couldn't handle his hopping (good grief!!!). He is just the sweetest little boy and has made himself right at home from the moment he came to the Sanctuary. His defects do not slow him down at all as he runs, jumps and plays like a normal dog - he loves his new toys! He is still in need of a physical, bloodwork and a dental. 

Gumby is available for adoption to a qualified home. If you have any questions or would like to meet Gumby, contact us at 602-596-5568.