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Emma - 5 years old

Emma is a sweet, sweet lab mix (shar pei) who was going to be put to sleep last year.  They said she was 10 - NO WAY.  I went to get her and saw right away she was much younger.  Emma is now 5 years old.  I consider her a special needs girl as she has some separation anxiety.  We are treating her with meds right now and she loves to wear a Thundershirt to keep her safe.  She loves riding in the car.  She only wants to be with her human.  If you are looking for a true loyal companion, someone you can take on hikes, maybe to work with you or are at home most of the time - this is the girl for you.  She will be your companion for life!!!  She was adopted last year but returned to us recently.  They put her in the backyard by herself and she hates the storms and loud noises.  Of course she did not do well in that situation.  She loves other dogs around.  Think you can provide her the great life she deserves?  Please let us know - you won't be sorry.